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February 8, 2016

Hygiene Aids for Seniors

Staying fresh and practicing good hygiene is a goal for all people, but sometimes aging parents, spouses, and others may

February 1, 2016

Senior Citizen Foot Care and Diabetes

Statistics indicate that almost 12% of Americans age 65 or above (about 26% of seniors) have diabetes, and foot ulcers,

January 25, 2016

Care of Elderly: Watch for Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is something most caregivers would rather not talk about, but for many taking care of elderly loved ones,

January 18, 2016

Attitude Toward Aging May Affect Alzheimer’s

Positive or negative thinking has long been thought to affect many things in people’s lives, including their health. Now a

January 11, 2016

Diet Tips for Better Sleep for Aging Parents

Everybody has the occasional sleepless night, but many aging parents find that sleeplessness can become an increasingly common problem. There

January 4, 2016

Senior Citizens in College May Have Less Risk of Dementia

Hitting the books is most frequently associated with young people, but a recent study suggests that older people involved in

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