Five Tips for Senior Citizen Foot Care

November 24, 2012

Proper senior citizen foot care pays off.

Getting around gets a little more challenging as we age; our bodies just naturally experience wear and tear. However, the more we focus on keeping our feet healthy, the easier it is to remain mobile. Good senior citizen foot care is therefore essential. Here are a few tips on how to keep your feet feeling fine.

Five Tips for Improving Senior Citizen Foot Care

  1. Regularly examine your feet. Check them out yourself, or ask someone else to take a look. If you have any questions or if you think there could be something not quite right with your feet, talk to your doctor.
  2. Don’t treat your feet like second class citizens. Just because water is running over your feet in the shower or bathtub doesn’t mean they’re getting clean. Use soap on them. Wash all the soap off and – this is also very important – make sure you dry your feet completely, including in between those tootsies. Fungus likes wet conditions, and if a wet foot gets put inside a sock or shoe it’s practically begging a fungus to come in and settle. Also, if your feet tend to be too dry, you may need to use a moisturizer. Unless told otherwise by your doctor, don’t put moisturizer between your toes, and let the moisturizer dry before putting on socks or footwear.
  3. Don’t let those toenails get out of hand (or out of foot). A toenail that gets too long might get ingrown, and that’s a pain. So keep your nails trimmed. If you do get an ingrown toenail, let your doctor know.
  4. Keep that blood flowing! Good blood circulation is important in general, and can go a long way toward keeping your feet happy and healthy. Raise those feet when you’re sitting. Make sure your shoes fit properly. Pamper your feet a little. Get a foot massage every so often to keep the circulation going.
  5. Watch out for athlete’s foot, warts, calluses, corns, and bunions. If you do find that your feet suffer from one of these conditions, treat your feet properly. Again, your doctor can provide advice on the best way to treat them.

Too many of us take our feet for granted. Take time to give your feet the attention they need and deserve.




Writer, Craig Butler

Craig Butler has been writing on a wide range of topics for more than fifteen years. As the National Communications Director for the Cooley's Anemia Foundation, Craig regularly writes on a range of health and medical topics. Among the many projects he has written for the Foundation is the Cooley's Anemia Storybook, a collection of original short stories for children with the blood disorder Cooley's Anemia. His freelance work has ranged from reviewing moves and CDs to creating entertainment-related stories about baldness, to creating text for comic strips. Craig looks forward to having a dialogue with you about senior care and issues of concern.

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